Cosplay Showcase Rules and Guidelines

Animatic Con’s Cosplay Showcase is open to attendees of all ages and skill levels. Come show off your hard work as you strut across the stage in front of our judges and attendees for a chance to win awards. Skits are welcome! While we accept WalkOns, only prejudged contestants are eligible for awards.

Exact times and locations of the following will be updated closer to the convention.

Sign Ups:

Skits Signup before July 1st,2021: Signup here google-forms
Cosplay Signup before July 1st, 2021: Signup here google-forms

*walk-on signup TBA.

Prejudging: Prejudging information coming soon!

Cosplay Showcase Rehearsal: TBA (Contestants ONLY)

Cosplay Showcase: TBA in Venice

Judging this year’s Cosplay Showcase are these three talented Cosplayers:

Wolfie Cosplay, Foxie Cosplay and Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay (Pictured from left to right).


Contestants must be available and present for the Rehearsal time prior to the Showcase itself.

Non-Prereg Skits must bring their own music, edited to time and All Ages appropriate. Skits should not exceed 10 minutes in length. Skits will be allotted practice time during the Rehearsal period and will be judged during the actual Showcase.

Animatic Cosplay Rules and Guidelines

  • All cosplay and costumes are welcome to enter the costume contest.
  • Costumes entering for an award must have had 60% of the costume made.
    • This means whether you made everything but the wig, shoes, minor accessories or transformed something premade completely.
    • Or parts of your cosplay was bought and not changed due to difficulty because of skill level.
    • Breakdown possibly: Body of cosplay such as bottoms, tops, dresses and props as 40-60%. Boot covers, accessories, props etc. 10%-40%.
    • You do not have to weave your own fabric, make a wig,or cobble shoes, However, that is really impressive.
  • Costumes that had previously won an award are not eligible for awards.
    • The only stipulation for this is if the costume has be completely remade for huge improvements yet using some of the parts that you are proud of making or a well quality piece.
  • All costumes and cosplayers are welcome to be WalkOns without competing.
    • A WalkOn is considered just waking across the stage to have your fans cheer for you.
  • Costumes must be in the bikini and boxer’s rule. If your cosplays covers more than that, you are set!
  • No bright flashing lights (like strobe lights), projectiles, glitter, explosives or special effects allowed on stage.
  • All props must be checked and within the prop guidelines provided by the convention.
    • Props can not extend past 6ft from the cosplayers body.
    • Anything larger must be able to break down while on the convention center floor.
  • If you didn’t make your costume, but someone at the convention did, they need to be present for judging only.
  • Bring a reference sheet or picture for the judges to judge you easily and accurately.
  • Judging location and time will be updated above once set.
  • Everyone registering for judging will be given a timeslot.
  • If you miss your timeslot or did not sign up and want to be judged you will have to wait to see if there are available slots remaining, if there are no slots remaining you will not be eligible for an award but may still be a WalkOn.
  • You will have 5 minutes per person to talk with the judges. No more than 4 people in one group for cosplay judging.
  • A practice run through of the Showcase will happen during the setup. Please be in main events 90 minutes before the cosplay contest begins.
  • You must have a badge and be an attendee of the convention to participate.