Animatic Con is proud to feature the following Official Events year after year:

Opening Ceremonies

This is an opening ceremonies like no other. Animatic Con is known for putting on a fun kickoff show for everyone that is so exclusive, you’re not even allowed to film! You never know what this group will kick things off with. This is an opening ceremonies you will never want to miss! This event takes place on Friday at 4pm every year.

Closing Ceremonies

It’s that moment no one ever wants to discuss, join the Animatic Con Staff and their Conchair as the close out the show for the weekend. This event happens on Sunday each year at 4pm.

Panels and Presenters

Check out all the sessions for Animatic Con and who’s presenting them!

Club Animatic

For one night only come dance to sounds of some of the surrounding areas best djs! Come get lost in the moment as you move to the beat of some awesome music.  (This event may not be sensory friendly.)

Animatic Con Formal Ball

Come one and come all to the Annual Animatic Con Formal Ball! You are all cordially invited to come dressed in your best attire, and enjoy an enchanted evening of dance and frivolity. Feel free to twirl with a partner, or two, and enjoy the rest of your magical evening until the twilight hour. This event is open to all ages, dance levels, and more no glass slipper required.

Lip Sync Showdown

Prepare for an evening of musical fun as some of the Animatic Con crew duel it out on center stage in hopes of being crowd the Champion.

Animatic Charity Auction

Bid on some amazing items to raise money for charity.  All funds raised are donated to the local 501c3 non profit,Safe Haven Farms, who will help ensure that those funds are then put back into the communities around us to help others on the Autism spectrum. (details pending)

Cosplay Showcase

Come strut across the stage and show off your hardwork in front of our attendees during our annual Cosplay Showcase.  Walk-Ons are welcome, but only prejudged contestants are eligible for awards. Click here for more info and to sign-up!

Animatic Book Club

Animatic Book Club is a place where you can not only discuss your favourites with fellow book lovers, but pick up some new reading material as well.  Following a “bring a book, take a book” policy, every attendee has the chance to find a new favourite to take home! Click here for more details!

How to Eat a Potato

I know, it sounds so simple. “How to Eat a Potato”.  But let’s get real – there is a craft needed to do this properly. And, well, if you want to know the secret then you will just need to show up! Click here for more details!

Please use the time/rooms from the Schedule as it will be the most up-to-date (the info above will not be updated during the convention).