Formal Ball Outfit and Ettiquette Guidlines

Formal Ball Outfit and Etiquette Guidelines:




Dresses and Skirts

  • Please make sure dresses and skirts are not shorter than a few inches above the knee.
  • For slits on dresses or skirts please make sure not to expose anything inappropriate and we ask that they go no higher than mid-thigh.
  • Please no bare midriffs, holes, mesh or sheer materials that expose anything not allowed in public. Think Prom/Wedding/Homecoming attire as this is a formal event.
  • No low cut or plunging necklines; please make sure there is no possibility of exposure. Acceptable necklines would be any that do not require the use of double-sided tape to stay in place.
  • Dresses that are strapless are fine as long as they are well fitting and will not slip down while dancing.
  • No undergarments should not be seen at all for any reason. This includes any of the following: cover-up shorts, petticoats, undergarments of any variety, ect. If they are seen you may be asked to make proper adjustments.

Dress Shirts and Pants

  • Please wear pants without tears or rips, no shorts or “gym” style bottom wear.
  • Formal or regular collared dress shirts are permitted, and must be buttoned at all times no Fabio moments please. No casual clothing such as T-shirts, tank tops, or muscle shirts are permitted.
  • As for formal neckwear it is encouraged but not required.
    Examples of formal neckwear include: cravats, ties, and bow ties.
  • Tuxes, Suits with jackets and/or vests are welcome but not required.
  • Once again undergarments should not be seen at all. This includes: cover-up shorts, boxers, dance belts, briefs, ect.


  • Formal ball approved footwear includes: dress sandals, pumps, flats, non-work boots, high heels, Geta, historical formal footwear, and dress shoes. Please make sure that your footwear does not come off when dancing, or wear shoes with a strap or ties. 
  • During the formal ball sneakers, pajama slippers, tennis shoes, bare feet, combat boots, are not allowed unless approved by staff otherwise. If you are unsure please ask.
  • Any extremely high heeled shoe or floor raiser such as stilettoes, or platform heels are STRONGLY discouraged but permitted as the floor is carpeted, and we do not wish anyone to get hurt.


  • All Cosplay must follow the dress code above. If a character wears an outfit that borderlines following the listed guidelines the cosplay must be changed until it meets the dress code.
  • Absolutely no props that will get in the way please. This includes swords, wings, staffs, tails, horns, hats, or guns. Be considerate of your fellow dancers and everyone’s personal space.
  • There will be no full face masks permitted on the dance floor for the safety of all dancers. Half masks that cover the eyes are okay. Three fourths of your face must be visible for example: masks like Kamina glasses, or Tuxedo mask’s mask are acceptable.
  • Items such as eye patches over one eye are permitted as long as the other eye is unobscured and has peripheral view. Hair over one eye is also fine.
  • All body paint and face paint must be sealed as you do not want to ruin anyone else’s outfit so please be courteous.
  • For wigs, please be sure to keep it secured and that it stays on your head at all times or please keep them off to the side if you choose to take them off.
  • Formal Japanese clothing, Kimono, Lolita, and other Asian formal wear are all fine as long as they meet the above rules.
  • All dress military uniforms are welcome as long as they are formal military uniforms and do not have any inappropriate symbols. Armor may be worn but be considerate of your fellow attendees, and your personal health and safety.
  • Historical formal wear is also allowed so long as it follows the guidelines above and is formal appropriate.

Fur Suits

  • We welcome fur suitors, fur suits will be fine if something is dressed over the fur suit and follows all of the above rules.  
  • The only exception that will be waived for our fur friends is the formal shoe rule but you must still wear something on your feet.
  • We highly recommended that if you dance, you dance with or nearby a handler if your headwear restricts your vision in any way for your personal safety.

Casual Hour

  • Dress guidelines will be relaxed for the final half-hour of the Formal Ball only at that time will any tennis shoes, sneakers, pajama slippers, and trainers be allowed for the comfort of all dancers in attendance. NO BARE FEET will be permitted at any time during the dance your feet must have something on them at all times. 


  • Any medical restrictions on footwear or clothing that you may have, please contact as soon as you can to discuss options, or obtain exception permission.
  • Clothing must be worn at all times and not removed; no exceptions.
  • Cross-play, ect. Is always welcome so long as it follows the above guidelines.
  • All underwear must be worn at all times and not removed. 
  • Once you enter the formal ball area changing your attire after you enter with approved attire will not be allowed.
  • No bags will be allowed bigger than a DSLR camera, and may be searched before entering. 
  • No flasks, or open bottles will be permitted please keep all beverages sealed before entering. 
  • All con rules still apply inside the formal ball.
  • Music requests may be emailed prior to the convention, or at the beginning of the dance.
  • Have fun and be respectful do not “bathroom police”, bully, or harass anyone (Cosplay is not Consent) so everyone can enjoy this event!
  • As a dance it is perfectly okay to arrive solo this event is not intended for match-making, ect. It is a chance to dance the night away in a fun and safe atmosphere. 
  • It is requested that you dance appropriately. No grinding, no break dancing, ect. 
  • Please no lifting, or dipping as we do not wish anyone to be injured. 
  • All dancers of all skill levels are welcome this is an event to have fun and relax while feeling like a royal, prince, princess, or monarch. 
  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable, harassed, or need assistance please reach out to staff.