Charity Auction

Animatic Con’s 2021 Charity Auction returns with some amazing items to be bid on. Funds raised are donated to Safe Haven Farms at the end of the event. You can learn more about Safe Haven Farms online at



Items you will be able to bid on include:


Gamestop Exclusive DragonBall Z : Gohan Funko POP! autographed by Voice Actor Kyle Hebert.


Sailor Jupiter figure autographed by voice actor Amanda Miller.











Anime Blu-Ray and DVD’s donated by Funimation.









4. My Hero Academia- Bakugo hat and another anime Blu-ray  donated by Funimation.



 Shirts of Yu Yu Hakusho and DragonBall Z along with a DragonBall Z bracelet.




 Soul Eater cup and DragonBall Z socks along with the Cowboy Bebop card game!



 Easy Roller Dice bags (2 designs)












Wyrmwood card boxes for popular games such as Magic The Gathering!




A basket full of goodies


An awesome Kigurumi


We have several other items not shown such as but not limited to:

  • Bucket full of Hi-Chew
  • Autographs from voice actors such as Steve Blum, Richard Steven Horvitz and Rikki Simmons!
     And so much more!