Animatic Book Club

Looking for something new to read or want to introduce another to your favourite series?
Then join us for our inaugural Animatic Book Club on Sunday afternoon at Animatic Con 2021!


Animatic Book Club is a place where attendees can openly discuss their favourite series (please be respectful about spoilers), and pick up some new material to read. This event will follow a “bring a book, take a book” policy – bring a book to leave behind for others and take an available book home. This policy is 1-for-1, so the more books you drop off the more you can take home!

Even if you have no books to bring with you (or can’t bear to part with any of them), simply make a monetary donation at the charity jar during Animatic Book Club to take a new favourite home. All proceeds from the charity jar go directly to Animatic Con’s charity of choice.

All books which are dropped off in while Animatic Book Club is running will be immediately available for other attendees to take home. Those bringing books or making donations will be given a voucher for the number of books they are permitted to pick up from the Book Club. All drop offs and pickups are required to be verified by the volunteers running the event. All book drop offs are final. We apologize if you do not find a book in return you wish to take home (we really hope you do!), but if it is the case, please be happy knowing what you brought to Animatic Book Club could make another attendee very happy!

Animatic Book Club is welcome to all forms of written media across all reading levels. Including (but not limited to): novels, comics, manga, audio books, children’s books, instructional material, puzzle books, and RPG manuals.

Regarding 18+ Material: If any material considered 18+ is available or dropped off it will be kept in a separate section from all other available books. A valid ID will be required to view any available 18+ material.