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Presenter/Group Name Presenter/Group Bio Session Name Description
Aeonica Cosplay Aeonica Cosplay is an avid cosplayer and panelist, bringing crazy cosplays and exciting events to conventions across the midwest. Karaoke Come sing your heart out in a festive judgment free zone. With digital signups and lyrics for many songs, Aeonica brings a professional yet informal karaoke session for all ages. Oh, and we have a hotspot with unlimited data and an aux port, so we can pull down any song even if it’s not in our archives!
AfrocentricPrinceCosplay just a group of friends who love to cosplay an have fun The Survey Corps an Attack on Titan Panel After Dark (18+) Do you think you have what it take to be a member of the survey core. come see if you can have what it takes to kick it with the big dogs by playing some interactive games with a spicy twist. you will be able to play cards against humanity, mad libs twister and more with the survey core
AfrocentricPrinceCosplay Voltron PJ Party Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at a pajama party with the Voltron crew, Well your in luck. Come join the defenders of the universe in a fun packeed panel full of games , interactive actives, and win prizes
Ally Ally is a genderqueer creative writer whose dream is to be a professional yaoi fan. Fan of BL, shounen, and romance anime and manga who also likes to cosplay. Ally has been staffing and presenting at anime and various other fandom conventions for the past 5 years. Create Your Own BL Adventure Let’s write a BL story with our fellow BL fans! With 4-5 selected players, each player will take a turn ‘verbally writing’ (speaking) one sentence of a brand new BL adventure, just like the round robins of years past. The goal of the game is to reach the ‘good end’ for our chosen couple, though if there are too many passes in a row, you’ll be out of the game and the panelist will take over, resulting in a ‘bad end’ for our chosen couple!
Ally Yaoi Manga Madlibs You’ll have a _____ (adjective) time with Yaoi Manga Madlibs! In a simple twist on the classic madlibs game, this panel will use fun, wacky, or sometimes spicy images from various BL manga that has some text removed. We’ll then fill in the blank to make a hilarious new sentence, but the final image plus text combo won’t be revealed until the blanks have been filled. If you’re familiar with the idea of crackfic BL, this panel is for you!
Bitter Sweet Bitter Sweet is an original idol duo based in Northern Ohio, excited to make their con debut together! The two members, Miyu and Momo have been best friends and dancing together for 10 whole years, and are incredibly happy to share their passion and experience with you all with a riveting idol experience! Having performed together for several years in other projects, it’s something they enjoy more than nothing else, and they have worked hard to create a nice experience for everyone! Bitter Sweet’s Idol Performance For the first time ever, Bitter Sweet is here to perform for you all! Our passion and love for dancing and performing is strong and we hope to be able to share it with you all! We’ll be providing glow sticks so you cheer for your favorite member, (or both of them)! Miyu is our ditsy and cute pink member, ready to make you smile! Momo is our kind and charming peach member, ready to make you laugh! It’s our goal to create an authentic idol concert experience made with love and compassion. Come see Bitter Sweet’s convention debut concert!
Blue Rose We are a group of 5 that cover popular kpop dances! Blue Rose Random Dance All the hit kpop songs from 205-2021 put into 1 random dance! Lots of fun, even if you don’t know the dances!
Dennis Daniel Dennis has been a regular at Ohio-based conventions for over nearly two decades, whether as a guest, cosplayer, or photographer. He is best known for his popular “Steven’s Guide to the Universe” panel about all things “Steven Universe,” and his talk show, The Dennis Daniel Show, which featured names include Tom Kenny, Henry Winkler and John Cena. Gotta Catch’em All: 25 Years of Pokémon “Gotta Catch’em All” is a retrospective look back at the first 25 years of Pokémon. Since its’ release in Japan in 1996, Pokémon has changed not only the world of video games, but has had an impact on pop culture and social and person-to-person interaction. Whether through the continuing video game series, collectible card game, or the hit animated series, Pokémon has something that connects us all to its’ impact on the world.
Dusty Dusty is an experience. And perhaps an incident. A fan before all else, he’s been watching anime since before some convention attendees were even born. His gateway drug was “Voltron” when it was shown on Toonami in the late 1990s, and has stayed with the anime fandom ever since.
Dusty takes what he’s learned from nearly twenty years of attending and staffing anime conventions, and applying it to his own unique brand of entertainment — a mix of education, interactive discussion, off-the-wall humor, and connecting with his audience. He’s developed game shows, panels, workshops, and other fun events that he now wants to share with the people who matter most at cons – the attendees!
Anime Family Feud “Survey SAYS!” It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and here’s the anime-themed version of the show that started it all. Two teams compete to see who knows the anime fandom best. At stake – fabulous prizes for the lucky winning “family!” The Feud is sure to be a hit with game show and anime fans alike!
Dusty Anime Game Show Party What would happen if someone took some of your favorite TV and board games, added in a pair of dice and a wacky host, then threw it all in a blender and hit the smoothie button? You’d have a big ol’ party! Anime Game Show Party takes elements you’re familiar with and mixes them in with a healthy dose of anime trivia, stunts and dares, and two big dice that can change the course of the game in one single throw.
Dusty Let’s Play LIVE!: Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker breathed new life into the 2D Mario series of games, allowing players to create their own courses to thrill, entertain, and frustrate each other. The sequel has just slid in, offering new features and surprises. We will be playing and creating courses right here. Bring in your level codes, and your devious ideas!
Dusty Let’s Play LIVE!: The Jackbox Party Pack Anime conventions often feel like parties, so here’s the chance to play some of the hottest party games out there! We’ll be playing Fibbage, Drawful, Quiplash, and much more. Bring your phones, tablets, or laptops… and your IDs. This is uncensored and no-holds-barred.
Emily Ann Imes Professional musician, sometimes author, occasional radio host. Currently rocking this music grad school thing. Born a Buckeye, made in NYC. Was a J-Pop idol for approximately 3.8 seconds. Has been quoted as the “fly piano” by Masta Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan. Can make a mean buffalo chicken dip. Continues to do well in all they do. Anime Cantabile: A Piano Recital Anime Cantabile is a collection of anime music in a piano recital setting. Friday evening will feature a full program of both classical and soundtrack pieces. Trivia and information will be included.
Emily Ann Imes Anime Cantabile: A Piano Recital Anime Cantabile is a collection of anime music in a piano recital setting. Saturday morning will be focusing on soundtrack/OST works with some classical arrangements. Trivia and information will be included.
Emily Ann Imes Anime Cantabile: A Piano Recital Anime Cantabile is a collection of anime music in a piano recital setting. Saturday evening will focus on classical music featured in anime. Trivia and information will be included.
Family of Moonlight Family of Moonlight is a group of fans for the fans putting the Sailor Moon fan base in the driver’s seat and showcasing what they do that makes our Sailor Moon fandom what it is today for the past 10 years (Family of Moonlight celebrated 10 years in February 2020). For more info-, and Moonlight Covers Naoko Takeuchi’s Work Naoko Takeuchi is well known for her Sailor Moon work, but did you know she has other works such as The Cherry Blossom Project, Love Witch and PQ Angels to name a few. Moonlight will be sharing all of Takeuchi-sensei’s other works; there will be time for a question/answer period at the end of the panel. All Ages
Family of Moonlight Sailor Moon ROARING Through The DECADES! Come celebrate the ROARING Through the DECADES with Sailor Moon! COME IN COSTUME THERE WILL PRIZES, if you don’t attend, in the name of the moon you will be punished! All Ages
Fred An anime convention veteran, Fred’s been bouncing around Ohio and Indiana cons for about 15 years. Vaporwave enjoyer, Sonic fan, and grape surgeon extraordinaire. Strange Videos for Two Hours Welcome to an almost 120 minute celebration of the most random, nerdy, silly, and hilarious videos the internet can dish out. From video game glitches to awful sitcom opening credits, synthwave auctioneers, memes, and yes, even Vines, join the party and prepare to be thoroughly entertained!
FuchsiaMuffin FuchsiaMuffin is a nonbinary J-Pop net idol who wishes to spread joy, positivity and pride with the things they enjoy! Nonbinary and Cosplay Sometimes individuals get discriminated or discouraged because they are nonbinary or trans and cosplaying. This panel hopes to bring positivity to nonbinary people struggling in cosplay (or in general!) Learn about nonbinary identities, nonbinary characters to cosplay and discuss about positivity and resources. All LGBT+, Trans, Nonbinary, Questioning, and Allies welcome!
FuchsiaMuffin An Introduction to J-Fashion What is Lolita? What is Decora? Can I wear this with that? Learn about the most popular J-Fashion styles, how they got started and how you can get into them too!
Haru Hagu! Maid Cafe Welcome Home to Haru Hagu! Maid & Host Café! We are Cincinnati’s first traveling Maid Café, inspired by the cosplay cafes found in Akiharabara, Japan. Japanese Maid Cafes are often known to be “wacky” concept, which we love to be silly too! When you step through the “Hana Portal” to get to the Haru Hagu! Mansion and Garden, you will be greeted by kawaii maids and cool hosts! We go to Pop-Culture and anime events throughout Ohio and the tri-state area. Meido Magic: A Moé Introduction to Maid Cafés Okairinasaimase, goshujin-sama, ojou-sama! Do you want to learn about maid cafe and kawaii culture from the newest and coolest Maid Café in Ohio? Come on “home”, relax and learn about the origins, history, and innerworkings of Maid Cafes from Haru Hagu! Maid Café Team! Will you come and join us Goshujin-sama? There may be awesome prizes and a kawaii performance waiting for you!
Haru Hagu! Maid Café Relaxation Maid Café Hey Goshujin-sama, do you need a quick break from the con scene? Come relax at the Relaxation Maid Café, a mini–Japanese Maid Café experience as a relaxation room! Join us for cute performances, exciting games, and fun interactions with our maids and hosts! Entry is free, souvenirs and experiences such as Chekis, Prints, One-on-One Games and more costs extra!
Haru Hagu! Maid Café Relaxation Maid Café – Mahou Hour Meido Power Make-Up! All the Maids and Hosts transformed into Magical Meidos and Hosts! Come see a Magical Themed mini–Japanese Maid Café experience as a relaxation room! Join us for magical performances, exciting Mahou themed games, and fun interactions with our maids and hosts! Entry is free, souvenirs and experiences such as Chekis, Prints, Tarot Reading and more costs extra!
International Anime Research Project Dr. Stephen Reysen is an anime fan and co-founder of the International Anime Research Project—a team of social scientists studying the anime fandom. Dr. Reysen’s research interests in the anime fandom revolve around the social identity processes that anime fans experience and the felt connection between the content and sense of self. Anime Fan Psychology The International Anime Research Project has been studying various aspects of the psychology of anime fans for the past six years. In this panel we’ll give an overview of some of the research conducted over the years, such as stereotypes of anime fans, motivations to be a fan, psychological well-being, and genre preferences.
Jessica Kelly I’m calling about your car’s extended warranty… Is your phone’s meme folder up to date or is it just hot trash?
Kaleido Dream Kaleido Dream (KADE) is a Ohio based Dance Collective filled with members with a passion for dance and performance! We focus on K-pop, J-pop, Anime dances, and more! We are a 14 member dance group dedicated to having fun and dancing together! K-pop & J-pop Dance Party Do you enjoy K-pop and (or) J-pop? Come get your dance on with KADE to your favorite songs! We missed dancing at cons, and we bet you did too! Come hop up and join us in dancing to artists like BTS, STRAY KIDS, TWICE, AKB48, Muse, Aqours, and TONS of more songs from artists you love!
Katherine Skipworth Katherine Skipworth (Katwoman Cosplay) is an Ohio-based cosplayer that strives to walk a mile in someone’s shoes by dressing up as fictional characters and walking a mile in theirs. She has performed and recently become a guest at many cons in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. Anime Intro Sing-A-Long Performance In which Katwoman Cosplay performs anime intros and outros from anime such as “Your Lie in April,” “Fruits Basket,” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”
Kat Aldaine Animatic Con convention staff memeber Katt has been with Animatic Con since year 1. Convention Staffing 101 Join one of Animatic Con’s very own as she discusses what its truly like working in the convention world. Kat will talk about all things from getting started to the types of roles you could eventual find yourself doing.
Katwoman Cosplay A (newly reformed) Catra from “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power sits down for a presss conference only to explain her life in Brightmoon, get interrupted by members of her new family, and is forced to sit through Princess Prom powerpoints and preparation. Conversations with (a Newly Reformed) Catra A newly-reformed Catra from “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” sits down to have her first press conference with the kingdom of Brightmoon, only to be interrupted. Princess insanity ensues.
Katwoman Cosplay Katwoman Cosplay is an Ohio-based cosplayer who has performed and recently begun guesting at conventions. She strives to learn how to walk a mile in someone’s shoes by dressing as characters. U.A Teacher Orientation Pro-heroes Eraserhead and Present Mic orient the new teahchers of U.A.
Lesismore.Cosplay Crafter and cosplayer since 2012, LesIsMore.Cosplay (formerly HarleenQuartz) has made a name for herself in the community as a body positive advocate with a passion for guesting at conventions and hosting an array of panels. She has hosted and cohosted over 15 different panels covering topics such as: cosplaying on a budget, female empowerment in cosplay, mental health safety, body positivity, and many more.
Plus sized and proud she cosplays a wide variety of characters regardless of their or her size.
Follow her on your favorite social platform today and as she says:
“Cosplay to me is about connecting with others, growth, love, and fun. So cheers to this life and let us have many more!”




Tiktok: harleenquartzCosplay is about fun and with Harleen fun we shall have!

Body positivity in cosplay Hosted by Harleenquartz cosplay body positivity in cosplay explores the cosplay culture and learning to love the skin you’re in. Your cosplay is beautiful no matter what size you are.
Little Professor Productions Dennis has been a regular at Ohio-based conventions for over nearly two decades, whether as a guest, cosplayer, or photographer. He is best known for his popular “Steven’s Guide to the Universe” panel about all things “Steven Universe,” and his talk show, The Dennis Daniel Show, which featured names include Tom Kenny, Henry Winkler and John Cena. A Steven’s Guide to the Universe “A Steven’s Guide” is a panel about the hit Cartoon Network series, “Steven Universe.” This panel dives into topics focusing on the series itself, the fandom it’s based around, and its’ positive messages on acceptance, believing in yourself and that love is the strongest force in the universe.
Little Professor Productions Dennis has been a regular at Ohio-based conventions for over nearly two decades, whether as a guest, cosplayer, or photographer. He is best known for his popular “Steven’s Guide to the Universe” panel about all things “Steven Universe,” and his talk show, The Dennis Daniel Show, which featured names include Tom Kenny, Henry Winkler and John Cena. Retro Gaming: As Easy as Pi “Retro Gaming” teaches about the history of retro video gaming, which is defined as the playing or collecting of older personal computer, console, and arcade video games in contemporary times. The term is always expanding as older consoles become retro and this panel not only entertains, but also shows them how to experience their own retro gaming history through building their own system.
Matt I’m also the potato guy Hazbin really good to know you Not quite the hotel
MoonLys Acting Games Galore Lets play some fun improv acting games.
MoonLys An improv drawing contest Come and combine cultural icons into each other to win a prize! Bring your special pencils (Paper will be provided)
MoonLys Con Horror Stories (18+) Come and share your stories about how BAD 2010 used to be for cons and fandoms everywhere.
MoonLys My expertise is in improv panels. I’ve put on more than 20 improv panels and multiple cons. Prepare to have fun! The Jerry Springer Show: Anime Edition Ready for drama? Jerry is here to tackle all your anime issues.
Not A Phase Co. We are just a couple of high school students looking to have some fun and share the emo culture. We are all very passionate about music and memes, and the normie of our group keeps things spicy while we talk so we keep him around. Our group is trying to build public speaking experience as well as do something creative and have a strong start in participating a step further at conventions. Maybe one day we will escape 2005. emo. Animatic Con yet again falls on March 22. We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to honor the sacred date for emos somehow, honor our fallen brothers. We have decided to host the first-ever panel of Emo. In this panel, we will discuss anything from the latest emo news to the best type and brand of eyeliner. Join us in our crying fest as we honor MCR and all that they have done for us. All are welcome, emo rat or not.
Parallel Worlds Panels Parallel Worlds Panels have been presenting at cons in the American midwest and east coast since 2016. We love to cover a variety of topics and hope to engage with our audience to deep dive into our shared hobbies. Abrakadabra! Magic Systems in Anime We will discuss the nature of writing magic systems by going through notable examples throughout anime and detailing what works and what doesn’t. Fantasy is a popular genre which varies widely in quality. We will be doing an in-depth look at a selected group of series based on hard or soft magic systems (detailed vs open) with a follow-up lightning round of other notable examples.
An educational panel like this offers new fans with shows to get them interested in fantasy anime, as well as advice and examples for aspiring fantasy authors looking to develop their own worlds.
Parallel Worlds Panels “It’s not like I want you at my panel”: History of the Tsundere We will be exploring the history of the Tsundere character archetype as well as its associated tropes. From the early days with Lum (Urusei Yatsura) and Madoka (Kimagure Orange Road) we will also discuss male tsunderes such as Inuyasha (Inuyasha) and Kyo (Fruits Basket). We hope that the audience will gain a deeper appreciation of the Tsundere trope and how it has evolved over time.
Parallel Worlds Panels Fate/Stay Night and Type Moon: A World of Magic and Mystery A survey of the works of Type Moon, how they interact with each other. We will discuss each title and it’s specific relevance, allocating time in relation to popularity. We plan to discuss both the source materials and its adaptations as well as some of the lesser known titles, short stories, and spinoff games.
Our hope is that the audience comes out with a more profound appreciation for the intricacies of the Type Moon universe. We especially want to discuss a lot of obscure works and information (like the original author’s Japanese blog where he publishes lore) and to take a lot of questions/discussion from the audience. Extra time would really help us achieve our goal of interaction with the audience.
Putnamental Animation Christopher (Topher) Putnam is the creator of the international PBS series, Bug Bites. He’s also the mind behind the popular YouTube channel, Nobody Special Entertainment and the vibrant comic book series, On Patrol: Dusk Bay Chronicles. HOW TO START YOUR OWN COMIC BOOK SERIES: Christopher Putnam (PBS’s Bug Bites, On Patrol comic series) has been writing, animating and illustrating for years and hopes to bring his expertise in the field of comic books to your convention. A huge hit across multiple conventions, his panel, How to Start Your Own Comic Book Series is an easy step-by-step tutorial for those itching to bring their story to life. From script writing, to layout, to publication, Putnam covers every topic thoroughly to ensure that even the most clueless of creatives can walk away feeling equipped to tell their story. There’s something for everyone at Putnam’s How to Start Your Own Comic Book Series panel.
Roger Day An orokana gaijin who engages in dubious pursuits. How do you do? Anime Baker’s Dozen, Part 1: OPs Thirteen great anime openings: some you know,some you should get to know. What makes for a great ‘baker’s dozen’? Come see and hear!
Roger Day Anime Bakers Dozen Pt. 2: EDs Anime openings are important,but so are the endings! Come sample our ‘baker’s dozen’ of 13 great anime ED’s!
Roger Day Anime And The ‘Lost’ Year: 2020 Let’s talk about the anime–old or new, movie/series– you watched last year and finally get to talk about now that we’re all together again(but try to avoid spoilers,please!)
Roger Day Powered By Cavorite: Princess Principal This steampunk espionage action adventure series was a 2017 hit in Japan, but got overlooked in the US. Now is the time to catch up with these five cool spy girls, just in time for a new series in April 2020, with trailers,info,and maybe an AMV or two! Goggles are optional.
Sakura Kaiba I go by Sakura Kaiba and Blueberry Pitbull online and at cons. I am a woman on the spectrum. However, this does not stop me from doing my best and putting on a panel that will please a group of people. I am very passionate about what I love and I hope I can leave you with a newfound interest in this amazing anime. Kimba the White Lion Kimba the White Lion is the story of a white lion cub named Kimba. The son of Panja the Jungle Emperor. Panja dies and Kimba must return home to Africa to take his place as king. Back at home a scarred lion named Claw and his hyena henchmen have taken over the jungle and Kimba must reclaim his throne. Kimba was created by the great Osamu Tezuka who was known as the Walt Disney of Japan. Kimba was the first anime to be broadcast in color. This was a very big deal. Osamu Tezuka didn’t quite know how it would work out but it became very successful. It would go on to have a sequel series with Kimba as an adult lion with cubs in 1966, A reboot series in 1989, a movie that began production in 1989 but came out in 1997, a short film for the Osamu Tezuka museum and a 2009 made for TV movie to celebrate the anniversary of Tezuka Productions. A little fun fact: Osamu Tezuka actually got to meet Walt Disney at the World’s Fair in 1964.
Saltea Cosplay Saltea Cosplay has been an award winning cosplayer, performer, and dancer for over fifteen years, and he loves to bring a positive welcoming attitude and passion to the community and con scene. Cosplay Performance 101 All across the world from local conventions to World Cosplay Summit, Masquerades are everywhere. Leave your actual masks at home, the Masquerades were talking about involve cosplay performance, from skits and musicals to choreographed dance routines. In this panel you will learn how to take your performance ideas, or even how to make them, and transition them to everything from choreography to making audio, recording, scripting, and more from season award winning cosplay veterans!
Saltea Cosplay Just Dance! Just Dance!- is an interactive workshop friendly for all ages to come and learn some introductory dance moves from around the world. Attendees will learn the basics of Belly Dancing, K-pop, Idol Dance, Hula, and more in a fun easy going environment. Through this workshop attendees will also learn some fun facts about dance and its evolution today. Everyone is welcome to attend no matter your dance level, or just come and join the fun and see what it’s all about. Either way come have some fun and bust a move, and as they say Just Dance!
Saltea Cosplay Let’s Talk About Yaoi Do you like to indulge in shipping? Fan fiction? OTPS? Forbidden romance? Boys Love-ru? Well then this is the Yaoi panel for you! Come on down to a hilarious and fun panel about the genre we adore and maybe win yourself some neat prizes along the way. You might even learn a thing or two along the way as we explore just what a gay old time it is.
Seven Deadly Sins Seven Deadly Sins Cosplay Group Tavern Talk The Seven Deadly Sins Want To Talk To You Guys! Elisabeth Has Convinced Some On The Sins To Come And Have Some Fun With Everyone, Though King Decided To Take It Over! There Will Be QnA’s And Interactive Games! We Hope To See You Guys There!
Shavana Pickelheimer a lover of anime and games Let’s Play JackBox! Everyone is invited to play any of the JackBox Party games on the switch. Using tablets & phones anyone can join a game or even become a member of the audience! This in an all ages event, so everyone can join!
Sparkster1701 Reviewer of vintage Generation 1 Transformer toys, and comparisons to modern toys. Transformers: G1 & War for Cybertron: A Comparison YouTube reviewer Sparkster1701 will show off many of the toys from the Transformers War for Cybertrontoy line, and compare them to their originals from the 1980s.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association The Mad-Hatters Tea Association have been attending conventions since 2003, their members have experience in many aspects of conventions – from attending, to cosplaying, selling as artists, presenting panels, volunteering, and even running conventions and events of their own. The MHTA prefers an informal setting, striving to create an open and comfortable environment in their panels where everyone can be comfortable. Drawing Roundtable Welcome to all skill levels and ages, from beginner to professional. Bring your sketchbooks, tablets, whatever your medium! Share with your fellow artists for feedback, work solo on your latest project, or join in on some group drawing activities. There’ll even be some games for prizes where members of the audience will help the hosts pick the winners. Please keep all artwork safe for All Ages.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Bingo! Bingo Time! Come play some bingo and win some neat prizes!
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Bingo After Dark! (18+) Let’s play Bingo! Prepare for a wild time – while the game play is similar to regular Bingo, these prizes are only suitable for adults!
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Birdie no! (A RWBY Discussion) Join us to discuss all the surprises from the latest volume of RWBY and speculate on what our favourite Hunters and Huntresses may be heading into.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association MLP:Friendship is Magic : A Look Back In an open discussion, bring your best memories, your questions, and your hopes for the future as we remember and celebrate the series we all love. We’ll even have some fun prizes to giveaway randomly!
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Creative Writing Get your creativity flowing! Have some writing you’ve been working on and want to share it? Bring it along! Join in the fun as we use a variety of writing prompts to explore ourselves and participate in some writing games for prizes.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Tarot Reading 101 An introductory course to Tarot reading, we’ll discuss the structure of a tarot deck, common practices, and more. A practical introduction, bring your own deck or borrow one of ours to practice readings with your fellow attendees.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Board Games After Dark (18+) Do you want to play a game?
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Oracle Reading 101 In an introductory course to Oracle reading. Learn the differences between traditional tarot and orcale decks, and receive some practice by performing readings with your fellow attendees. Feel free to bring your own deck or borrow one of ours.
The Mad-Hatters Tea Association Lightning Has Struck: Harry Potter Trivia & Other Games More than just standard trivia! After being sorted, students will be able to choose between sit-down exams (trivia) or interactive games to earn points for their houses. Be prepared for some loud and exciting games as houses compete head-to-head for the House Cup! Participants in the house with the most points at the end win prizes.
Wagner Day We are a group of anime fans that love Japanese music and cosplay. We have presented many panels in the past at Animatic con and Anime Ohio. Anime Music Video Discussion This 2 hour panel is all about Animated music videos, a discussion of the history of their place in fandom expression and tips on how to make/edit AMVs to fit the music choice. Then once the introduction portion is done the rest of the panel will the hosts sharing their own AMVs as well as some of the best they’ve encountered.
Wagner Day Japanese Pop Music Panel A discussion about Japanese Music and recommendations of the bands and idols featured. The hosts will discuss their experiences meeting Japanese musicians and give a few tips on how to support bands and idols even if you can’t make it to Japan. The attendees of the panel will be encouraged to ask us questions, and share their own favorite Japanese singers with us.
Wolf Leather working can look like it’s an impossible task to learn but it’s alot more simple than you might think. In Wolf’s 101 I will show you the basics of how to create your own pieces of leather art or armor. Leatherworking 101 I will show and describe the different tools needed to start doing your own leatherworking. I will also have a live demonstration of how to do create your own piece. I will show in detail how to prep your leather, how to transfer your image, proper tooling techniques, how to dye, and properly finish your work. After the demonstration I will have a question and answer session where I will answer any and all question to the best of my ability.
Yui-senpai YouTuber, cosplayer, streamer, anime fan. Yui-senpai is the host of the YouTube series English Dub History, covering English adaptation of foreign properties (mostly anime, but delves into others), discussing the story of media ranging from the world-famous Doraemon and Shin-chan to the more obscure David and the Magic Pearl. Yui is also a large advocate of LGBTQ+ cosplaying, being a non-binary cosplayer presenting as female characters at conventions. Dragons, Dagashi, and Deities: Recent Slice-Of-Life Shows A lot of people know slice-of-life shows like K-On or Lucky Star, but modern slice-of-life offers a lot. Some are well-known such as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid or Himouto! Umaru-chan, but others are lesser-known like Yuru Camp and Sweetness & Lightning. In this panel, I cover 7 anime from the last 6 years or so worth seeing, and why they are worth putting on your watchlist!
Yui-senpai Danganronpa for Dummies This panel is an overview of Danganronpa, the smash-hit visual novel mystery series made by Spike Chunsoft. The series can be intriguing to people viewing the summary, but *why*? Why do kids get stuck in a school killing each other? Why did it become such a success? Why bother?

I give details on the series’ history, discussion on the story and setting, and how successful it’s become. It’s a panel for both curious outsiders and people familiar with the series. I even include tidbits existing fans might not even know! Oh, and this will be spoiler-free.

Yui-senpai English Dubs You’ve Never Heard of English Dubs You’ve Never Heard of is a panel for anime lovers and Lost Media fanatics alike. I delve into why these alternate dubs exist, why they’re not known well in the community, and why they are worth discussing. I cover popular series mostly (e.g. Dragon Ball, One Piece), but I slipped in a couple of less talked about series (e.g. Doraemon, Dr. Slump). Some get but a passing mention, but most receive a video accompanying the discussion. Some have actual comments from voice actors, too!