Panels / Sessions

2019 Must Watch Anime

Presenter: Brave World Anime
2019 has provided many great anime. With 40-50 new shows each season it can be tough to find the best shows. Fear not as we have watched far too much anime the past year, and will share some of our favorite titles. Our recommendations will be a mix of popular shows from last year, as well as some overlooked shows.

Acting Games Galore

Presenter: MoonLys
Let’s play some fun improv acting games!

Anime Hell

Presenter: Jonathan Heady
Take a mind-bending trip down a two-hour time tunnel plastered with brain-defying audio visual…umm…stuff. From around the world and out in the backyard, our experts have collected and selected only the choicest short subjects, fake ads, weird commercials, unintended stupidity, out-of-context humor, and pop-cultural insanity, chock-full-o’-nutty goodness. You never know what we’ll show next.

An Improv Drawing Contest

Presenter: MoonLys
Come and combine cultural icons into each other to win a prize! Bring your special pencils (Paper will be provided)

Anime Baker’s Dozen, Part 1: OPs

Presenter: Roger Day
Thirteen great anime openings: some you know,some you should get to know. What makes for a great ‘baker’s dozen’? Come see and hear!

Anime Bakers Dozen Pt. 2: EDs

Presenter: Roger Day
Anime openings are important,but so are the endings! Come sample our ‘baker’s dozen’ of 13 great anime ED’s!

Anime Cantabile: A Piano Recital

Presenter: Emily Ann Imes
Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the con floor? Join professional musician Emily Ann Imes for an hour of live piano music from your favorite anime. Immerse yourself in music from Debussy to Yoko Kanno and beyond with our fearless fly pianist guiding the way.

Anime Couples – Will They Last?

Presenter: Jennifer Albert
Join us as we discuss healthy relationship traits that may prove whether or not your OTP is meant to be. Whether you love shojo, shonen, or something in between, everyone has a favorite anime couple they would love to see succeed. Whether your favorite couple is canon or a pairing you’re too embarrassed to admit, come join us as we talk about healthy traits that will make or break your couple’s chances for a happily ever after.

Anime Fan Psychology

Presenter: International Anime Research Project
The International Anime Research Project has been studying various aspects of the psychology of anime fans for the past six years. In this panel we’ll give an overview of some of the research conducted over the years, such as stereotypes of anime fans, motivations to be a fan, psychological well-being, and genre preferences.

Anime Music Video Discussion

Presenter: Wagner Day
This 2 hour panel is all about Animated music videos, a discussion of the history of their place in fandom expression and tips on how to make/edit AMVs to fit the music choice. Then once the introduction portion is done the rest of the panel will the hosts sharing their own AMVs as well as some of the best they’ve encountered.

Assassinate Koro-Sensei

Presenter: Jennifer Albert
This is Assassination Classroom: Cram School! Try your hand at assassinating Koro-Sensei!
Nagisa Shiota and Kaede Kayano have decided to teach Assassination Cram School to figure out more ideas to help assassinate their teacher: Koro-Sensei. Pick your weapon, the setting, and the trap you’ll use and roll the dice to see if it works.

A Steven’s Guide to the Universe

Presenter: Little Professor Productions
“A Steven’s Guide” is a panel about the hit Cartoon Network series, “Steven Universe.” This panel dives into topics focusing on the series itself, the fandom it’s based around, and its’ positive messages on acceptance, believing in yourself and that love is the strongest force in the universe.


Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
Bingo Time! Come play some bingo and win some neat prizes!

Bingo After Dark! (18+)

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
Let’s play Bingo! Prepare for a wild time – while the game play is similar to regular Bingo, these prizes are only suitable for adults!

Birdie, no! (A RWBY Discussion)

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
Join us to discuss all the surprises from the latest volume of RWBY and speculate on what our favourite Hunters and Huntresses may be heading into.

Body Positivity in Cosplay

Presenter: Harleenquartz cosplay
Hosted by Harleenquartz cosplay body positivity in cosplay explores the cosplay culture and learning to love the skin you’re in. Your cosplay is beautiful no matter what size you are.

C64 & You: a beginners guide to gaming

Presenter: Shavana Pickelheimer
Talking about how the Commodore 64 system paved the way with gaming

Children In Time: ‘Gunslinger Girl’ (18+)

Presenter: Roger Day
Cyborg child assassins working for the Italian government. A simple-sounding premise for a compelling drama/action series about morality,innocence,and compassion in the face of inhumanity. Find out more about this thought-provoking 2003 anime series.


Presenter: Roxanne
Tired from too much fun at the con? Come relax and color with us! Variety of coloring book options to choose from.

Con Horror Stories (18+)

Presenter: MoonLys
Come and share your stories about how BAD 2010 used to be for cons and fandoms everywhere.

Cosplay Makeup and Wigs 101

Presenter: Chelsey Cosplay
A panel that focuses on different aspects of cosplay makeup and techniques! This panel will also focus on the styling tips and techniques for cosplay wigs of all types!

Cosplay Model 101

Presenter: Lady Chapell Cosplay
Anyone can model yet do the cosplayer know how to pose at a certain angle by facial expression and by body movement? How to communicate in a professional manner to a professional photographer? Have you done your research in your character? I can help you succeed in the cosplay model professionally and be a positive communicator.

Cosplay Performance 101

Presenter: Bocchan
All across the world from local conventions to World Cosplay Summit, Masquerades are everywhere. Leave your actual masks at home, the Masquerades were talking about involve cosplay performance, from skits and musicals to choreographed dance routines. In this panel you will learn how to take your performance ideas, or even how to make them, and transition them to everything from choreography to making audio, recording, scripting, and more from season award winning cosplay veterans!

Cosplay With Anxiety & Autism

Presenter: Mpoppins Cosplay
Lots of people suffer from social anxiety, autism, low self-esteem, and issues that beat us up mentally. This panel shares how cosplay has helped us deal with and overcome some of these issues and how it might help you, from costume tips, crowds, noise, and more.

Creative Writing

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
Get your creativity flowing! Have some writing you’ve been working on and want to share it? Bring it along! Join in the fun as we use a variety of writing prompts to explore ourselves and participate in some writing games for prizes.

Drawing Roundtable

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
Welcome to all skill levels and ages, from beginner to professional. Bring your sketchbooks, tablets, whatever your medium! Share with your fellow artists for feedback, work solo on your latest project, or join in on some group drawing activities. There’ll even be some games for prizes where members of the audience will help the hosts pick the winners. Please keep all artwork safe for All Ages.

Easy Origami Box

Presenter: Roxanne
Interested in origami? Come learn to make a simple origami box with us.

Edge of Greatness: A SheRa POP Panel

Presenter: Emperor Eevee
With a world filled with reboots of old franchises, it’s refreshing to come across a series such as SheRa: Princess Of Power. This Dreamworks Animation series(Known for the production of Voltron Legendary defender) is one of many solid series to be published through Netflix and one of the few great rebooted franchises to grace us in this sea of terrible remakes throughout the years. From its characters, to the plot to the relationships, the show has done an amazing job throughout its first 3 seasons. Come join in on the discussion of the series to learn what exactly makes this show “POP”.


Presenter: Not A Phase Co.
Animatic Con yet again falls on March 22. We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to honor the sacred date for emos somehow, honor our fallen brothers. We have decided to host the first-ever panel of Emo. In this panel, we will discuss anything from the latest emo news to the best type and brand of eyeliner. Join us in our crying fest as we honor MCR and all that they have done for us. All are welcome, emo rat or not.

ESPN Ocho: Unusual Sports in Anime

Presenter: Brave World Anime
Only on ESPN 8 The Ocho can you see giant robots playing basketball, survival airsoft gun battles and girls using their goods to knock opponents into a pool. Anime featured in this panel will showcase sports not found on other networks.

From Fan to Professional with Jill Harris

Presenter: Jill Harris
It’s the most common question any of us gets. “How do I become a voice actor?” I don’t know. There are a lot of different paths, buts I can tell you about mine. Get to know me, my journey, and *dramatic pose* My Process.

Getting to Know Ghibli’s Girls

Presenter: Danielle P.
Studio Ghibli films have a special place in many an anime fan’s heart. The unique storytelling and beautiful designs are some of the reasons why these movies have captured the imagination of so many, but the vibrant characters are the major fascination. Join us as we discuss all the reasons why we love the strong leading ladies in Studio Ghibli films!

How To Draw w/ Voice Actors

Guest Presenters: Jill Harris, Dallas Reid, Micah Solusod, Apphia Yu
You know your favorite voice actors for the characters they voice, but can they draw those characters? Come watch voice actors show off their mad drawing skills… or lack thereof. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG.

How to Make a Dragon

Presenter: Dark Crescent Studio
Want to learn more about crafting fabulous dragons? This fun free workshop will let you learn the basics of sculpting with polymer clay, focusing on everyone’s favorite fire breathers. You’ll learn fun, simple techniques that are easy to follow for all ages, young and old, to get you started. No tools required for this workshop, just bring your imagination and have some fun.


Presenter: Putnamental Animation
Christopher Putnam (PBS’s Bug Bites, On Patrol comic series) has been writing, animating and illustrating for years and hopes to bring his expertise in the field of comic books to your convention. A huge hit across multiple conventions, his panel, How to Start Your Own Comic Book Series is an easy step-by-step tutorial for those itching to bring their story to life. From script writing, to layout, to publication, Putnam covers every topic thoroughly to ensure that even the most clueless of creatives can walk away feeling equipped to tell their story. There’s something for everyone at Putnam’s How to Start Your Own Comic Book Series panel.

How to tame your Kacchan

Presenter: Kacchalex
Ever wanted to meet your favorite BNHA characters in real life? Join the characters of My Hero Academia to learn the ins and outs of having a quirk. Get a chance to ask questions, play games, and so much more! Hosted by experienced cosplayers who will be performing in-character. (Pictures available with performers at the end)

Idol Showcase Party

Presenter: FuchsiaMuffin
Come join us in our Idol Showcase Party where local idol and idol groups preform your favorite popular J-Pop songs! Support, watch and talk with us! We always welcome new and fresh talent!

Ins & Outs of Competitive Cosplay

Presenter: Mpoppins Cosplay
What do cosplay judges look for? This panel will discuss competitive craftsmanship cosplay: How to choose the right costume to compete in, tips for building, choosing where to compete, prejudging, and more. As a competitor and cosplay judge I’ll share my experiences and helpful hints to help you be successful in your competitions.

Intro to Heroines: Marvel Comics

Presenter: Danielle P.
Need something to tide you over while you wait eagerly for the newest cinematic phase of Marvel to begin? Interested in reading the comics for your favorite superhero but don’t know which issue #1 you should start with? Join us as we discuss some of our favorite heroines in recent Marvel comics and get pointers on how to jump into the (sometimes overwhelming) list of back issues.
Everyone has heard of Captain Marvel and her awesome powers, but maybe there are some other feisty heroines that you aren’t familiar with. Let us share our enthusiasm for some of Marvel’s leading ladies!

It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing

Presenter: Swing Dance America
Have you ever wanted to learn how to swing dance? Swing into the 20’s with us as we lead a beginner friendly dance lesson! Enthusiasm and excitement welcomed, but no partner is necessary! Previous dance experience is not required, so please join us as we encourage everyone to have a swingin’ time!

Japanese Pop Music Panel

Presenter: Wagner Day
A discussion about Japanese Music and recommendations of the bands and idols featured. The hosts will discuss their experiences meeting Japanese musicians and give a few tips on how to support bands and idols even if you can’t make it to Japan. The attendees of the panel will be encouraged to ask us questions, and share their own favorite Japanese singers with us.

Just Dance!

Presenter: Bocchan
Just Dance!- is an interactive workshop friendly for all ages to come and learn some introductory dance moves from around the world. Attendees will learn the basics of Belly Dancing, K-pop, Idol Dance, Hula, and more in a fun easy going environment. Through this workshop attendees will also learn some fun facts about dance and its evolution today. Everyone is welcome to attend no matter your dance level, or just come and join the fun and see what it’s all about. Either way come have some fun and bust a move, and as they say Just Dance!


Presenter: Aeonica Cosplay
Come sing your heart out in a festive judgment free zone. With digital signups and lyrics for many songs, Aeonica brings a professional yet informal karaoke session for all ages. Oh, and we have a hotspot with unlimited data and an aux port, so we can pull down any song even if it’s not in our archives!

Karielle Cosplay Q&A

Presenter: Karielle Cosplay
Have you ever wanted to cosplay, but you don’t know where to begin? In this cosplay Q&A, you might find the answers you need. Karielle will be covering many topics when it comes to cosplay that could be beneficial for you. She will share how to do your research, how to promote on social media, advice you might need, and more. You may learn something new!

Knitting 101: What’s the Stitch?

Presenter: Jennifer Albert
Come and learn to knit! In this workshop you will learn how to cast on, knit, and cast off. Knitting needles and yarn will be provided but please feel free to bring your own!
No previous knitting experience is required to attend. This is an interactive panel. Participants will be encouraged to knit their own work, ask questions, learn, and above all: have fun.

Let’s Talk: Baki The Grappler

Presenter: Emperor Eevee
Baki The Grappler, created in 1991 by Keisuke Itagaki, is about a Shounen boy working to become the best fighter in the world to avenge his mother’s death by the hands of the strongest “creature” alive; his father. Through insane training regimens, weird characters and straight up absurd depictions of the human body, this anime/manga is alot to both look at and take in.

Let’s Talk About Yaoi (18+)

Presenter: Bocchan
Do you like to indulge in shipping? Fan fiction? OTPS? Forbidden romance? Boys Love-ru? Well then this is the Yaoi panel for you! Come on down to a hilarious and fun panel about the genre we adore and maybe win yourself some neat prizes along the way. You might even learn a thing or two along the way as we explore just what a gay old time it is.

Let’s tell ghost stories!

Presenter: Let’s tell ghost stories
We tell our stories of our own experiences with the paranormal and also listen to the audience experience with the paranormal.

Lightning Has Struck: Harry Potter Trivia & Other Games

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
More than just standard trivia! After being sorted, students will be able to choose between sit-down exams (trivia) or interactive games to earn points for their houses. Be prepared for some loud and exciting games as houses compete head-to-head for the House Cup! Participants in the house with the most points at the end win prizes.

Lovably Bad Anime

Presenter: Will & Corey
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. These shows are not that. They are trash and for some reason we love them. Come join us as we dive into some of the worst anime out there you have to watch. Come fall in love with some crappy anime.

Love Live Pajama Party!!

Presenter: Milky Way Idols
A panel hosted by Milky Way Idols, we’re calling all Love Live fans! While sleep is near, the party doesn’t stop! Join us for games, kahoot, q/a, and more! We assure you, the fun won’t stop. And of course! The more games you win, the more prizes you can get! So get out your best pajamas and join us!

Maid Cafés 101 + Mini Meido Exam

Presenter: Haru Hagu! Maid Cafe
Okairinasaimase, goshujin-sama, ojou-sama! Welcome to our panel! You can learn all about Maid Cafés from the history, the various types of Maid Cafés and what goes on in a Maid Café! We can even tell you what a Maid Café is! You can even learn how to be a Maid or Host by taking our ‘Mini Meido Exam’! Make a maidsona and do a kawaii dance. Do you think you can pass our test?! Join us for kawaii maids, fun and prizes!

Make a Bracelet

Presenter: Kitty Creations
We provide all the material you need to make a fun pony bead bracelet. Come gather and chat in this chill panel, where we’ll be making a bunch of bracelets to take home. A simple 1 dollar for the materials for each bracelet.

MayB (K-Pop) Performance

Presenter: MayB Dance Group
A kpop dance group from Cincinnati putting on a performance of current favorite songs in the kpop community! From BTS to Stray Kids to Blackpink, we hope you will enjoy our variety of song choices and will have fun! We have practiced for months just for you, we would love to see you there!

Meat or Candy

Presenter: Erin
A whole panel dedicated to Homestuck, discussing the latest epulauges, God tier, zodiac signs, trolls, and Andrew Hussie. We can analyze and discuss all things Homestuck and show off our cosplays. Talk about how to make troll horns, and the best place to buy grey skin paint.

Mikey Mason Comedy Show (18+)

Presenter: Mikey Mason
When Mikey Mason isn’t writing geek rock anthems, he’s a comedy monster. A naughty cartoon character. A musical experiment gone wonderfully wrong. He explodes onstage with unfathomable energy, relentlessly pounding away at his audience with a wit as fast as his mouth, infectiously hilarious original songs, and his completely twisted world view. He’s the psycho stalker ex-boyfriend of comedy, except that you want to see him again. And again. And again.

Mikey Mason Concerts

Presenter: Mikey Mason
Mikey Mason (She Don’t Like Firefly, Best Game Ever) is a full-time standup comedian whose work has been featured on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio,,, MTV Geek News, SyFy’s, Time Magazine’s Techland, and on He has made multiple appearances both on NBC and at the legendary House Of Blues, headlined on all four coasts and performed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Geek Media Expo, Browncoat Ball, Can’t Stop The Serenity events, and awesome geeky conventions across the US. His high-energy performances are fueled by his genuine love for role-playing games, fantasy, sci-fi, and comic books. Learn more at
Mikey Mason will have one concert each day of Animatic Con!

MLP:Friendship is Magic : A Look Back

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
In an open discussion, bring your best memories, your questions, and your hopes for the future as we remember and celebrate the series we all love. We’ll even have some fun prizes to giveaway randomly!

Music Anime Appreciation

Presenter: Brave World Anime
Music is a popular theme in many anime. Nearly every music genre is featured in anime narratives from classical music to modern rock. We will highlight our favorite music anime.

Naoko Takeuchi Fan Panel

Presenter: Family of Moonlight
Takeuchi-senshi, as most fans call her, is best known for Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. But what over works has Naoko come up with? Come join us for an overview and discussing about her other works as well of her latest and current series Toka*Meca that is currently being publish by Nakayoshi. We will also discuss her release of her and her husband’s, manga artist Yoshihiro Togashi (HunterXHunter, Yu Yu Hakusho) children’s book “Ooboomee and Chiboomee,” which translates to “Big Boomee and Little Boomee”. There will be time for a question/answer period at the end of the panel. All Ages

Never Have I Ever! (18+)

Presenter: Dpchan No Cosplay
The game is called Never Have I Ever and it’s a game where you draw at randon and explain the card if you have done it. If you have not done it someone in the crowd can tell their story. The best story wins the card. No one really wins the game you just reflect on your poor life decisions.

Nonbinary and Cosplay

Presenter: FuchsiaMuffin
Sometimes individuals get discriminated or discouraged because they are nonbinary or trans and cosplaying. This panel hopes to bring positivity to nonbinary people struggling in cosplay (or in general!) Learn about nonbinary identities, nonbinary characters to cosplay and discuss about positivity and resources. All LGBT+, Trans, Nonbinary, Questioning, and Allies welcome!

Oracle Reading 101

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
In an introductory course to Oracle reading. Learn the differences between traditional tarot and oracle decks, and receive some practice by performing readings with your fellow attendees. Feel free to bring your own deck or borrow one of ours.

Partying 101: How to party at conventions responsibly (18+)

Presenter: Eric O’Donnell
Conventions have a lot to offer, from meeting your favorite voice actors to getting that anime body pillow in the dealers room. But one aspect of cons that is just as popular are the parties. Something most people don’t know how to do is how to party the right way; that’s what this panel aims to achieve. Do you want to be a certified Party Animal? If you answered yes, then I hope to see you there.

Powered By Cavorite: Princess Principal

Presenter: Roger Day
This steampunk espionage action adventure series was a 2017 hit in Japan, but got overlooked in the US. Now is the time to catch up with these five cool spy girls, just in time for a new series in April 2020, with trailers,info,and maybe an AMV or two! Goggles are optional.

Rebel X Random (K-Pop Dance)

Presenter: Rebel X Dance
We will put together a medley of choruses from popular kpop songs from 2010-2020. We will play them and let people jump in and do the dances they know. There will be songs from many popular artists such as PSY, Twice, BTS, Blackpink, and more!

Retro Gaming: As Easy as Pi

Presenter: Little Professor Productions
“Retro Gaming” teaches about the history of retro video gaming, which is defined as the playing or collecting of older personal computer, console, and arcade video games in contemporary times. The term is always expanding as older consoles become retro and this panel not only entertains, but also shows them how to experience their own retro gaming history through building their own system.

RFA Party (Mystic Messenger)

Presenter: Mystic Messenger RFA
The panel will be based around a RFA party from mystic messenger! drinks and snacks will be available as well as cards with each persons social media platforms and what character they were in the panel! music will play and eventually the person who is cosplaying V will make a speech! the style will be semi formal, you don’t have to dress formal to attend though. This party is just to hang out, meet new people, chat around, listen to some music and just have fun! you are also welcome to chat with any of the RFA members or saeran, unless we are in a conversation or busy, if we are in a conversation you can tap our shoulder or wait for us to be done! Printed out photography taken by the V in the panel will also be available for grabs if wanted! I hope to see you all at the party!

Steampunk Anime

Presenter: Steampunk Symposium
Some of the best examples of Steampunk media are to be found in the Anime that has embraced this alternative Victorian history. Join Professor Aloysius Fox of the Steampunk Symposium for a brief History of Steampunk and a review of some fine samples of Steampunk Anime.

Tarot Reading 101

Presenter: The Mad-Hatters Tea Association
An introductory course to Tarot reading, we’ll discuss the structure of a tarot deck, common practices, and more. A practical introduction, bring your own deck or borrow one of ours to practice readings with your fellow attendees.

Tavern Talk

Presenter: Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins Want To Talk To You Guys! Elisabeth Has Convinced Some On The Sins To Come And Have Some Fun With Everyone, Though King Decided To Take It Over! There Will Be QnA’s And Interactive Games! We Hope To See You Guys There!

Tea Time with Deadpool (18+)

Presenter: Tea Time with Deadpool
Deadpool and Friends returns to Animatic Con and trust us when we say this TEAm is pulling out all the stops to ensure a great weekend. This one’s rated 18+ for extra shenanigans

The 5 Rules of Art (According to Micah and Ayu)

Guest Presenters: Micah Solusod, Apphia Yu
The creative process is littered with challenges, frustration, and self-loathing. (And that’s on a good day!) Micah and Ayu will share the 5 rules they create by in order to survive the hashtag: ArtLife.

The Jerry Springer Show: Anime Edition

Presenter: MoonLys
Ready for drama? Jerry is here to tackle all your anime issues.

The Return of Anime Food Porn (18+)

Presenter: Brave World Anime
This panel will explore the anime landscape to find the tastiest dishes. These dishes are so delectable that clothing may evaporate.

This Time, it’s Persona with Dallas Reid

Presenter: Dallas Reid
This is my favorite thing in the world to talk about. Come talk with me about the Persona games. Please. Someone has to. If I don’t talk about Chie at least once every 24 hours, I will explode. This panel is a great chance for me to let off some steam, so it will be a lot of me talking at you about these games, but eventaully, I’ll get tired. At that point, it’s more of a large-scale conversation about the Atlus games that I think we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

Transformers: Generation 1 vs. SIEGE comparison

Presenter: Sparkster1701
YouTube reviewer Sparkster1701 will show off many of the toys from the Transformers SIEGE toy line, and compare them to their originals from the 1980s.

Uniform For Fun!: A Guide to Nanchatte Seifuku

Presenter: FuchsiaMuffin
So many J-Fashion choices, so little time! How about dressing up in a school uniform? Yes, even that is a fashion! Learn about this obscure J-Fashion style and why Japanese girls dress casually in their school uniforms!

Voice Actors Autograph Sessions

Guest Presenters: Jill Harris, Dallas Reid, Micah Solusod, Apphia Yu
Bring your memorabilia to be signed and meet our Voice Actor Guests. There will be one Autograph Session each day!

Werewolf (All Ages)

Presenter: KishPlay
Werewolf is a role play social deduction game that can be played with 8-80 people. Can you survive the night?

Werewolf (18+)

Werewolf is a role play social deduction game that can be played with 8-80 people. Can you survive the night?

Year of the Starlights!

Presenter: Family of Moonlight
Stars the 5th & final season of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is finally coming to the USA! Moonies share the excitement and latest NEWS. COME IN COSTUME THERE WILL PRIZES, if you don’t attend, in the name of the moon you will be punished!

Yokai Legends: Trickster Talk!

Presenter: Roxanne
Let’s talk about some tricky yokai, the kitsune and tanuki.

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