Hotel Booking for 2021

Book your hotel room for Animatic Con 2021 and be entered to have your room cost covered for the weekend!

One lucky winner will have their hotel fees paid for by the Convention itself!
To book a room you can contact the hotel directly at 513-752-4400 or use the link below and be sure to use the GROUP CODE associated with which room block you wish to be in!

Group codes are as follows:

  • ACG– This is the standard block where all the noise happens…
  • AQF– This is the quite block, where you can sleep and rest peacefully.

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Postponed to 2021

We’ve had to postpone 2020 until next year due to COIVD. Our new dates are March 26th – 28th, 2021. We will be working to do all we can to make our new dates a success.

Please be patient, at this time we cannot firmly answer certain questions. As updates happen we will announce them.

As always, please follow us on social media for the up-to-the-minute news.

Mpoppins Cosplay – 2020 Guest

We’re exited to welcome Mary Stephens back to our 2020 convention! She has been competing in cosplay for 5 years and has won numerous awards including best needlework, category firsts, best in shows, and multiple placements in the prestigious Crown Championship of Cosplay.

She enjoys creating costumes from scratch—she makes almost every part of her cosplays herself, from many fandoms including Star Wars, movies, comics, Disney, video games, anime, and TV shows.

Click here for more info!

Magical Mascot Reveal

Our theme this year is Magic, that means get those spell books and wands ready! We are thrilled to reveal our magical mascot, Ani-May is ready to help ensure that Animatic 2020 is a magical weekend for everyone! Special thanks goes to our good friends at Xenogenic Comics who did the mascot Artwork.

Chelsey Cosplay – 2020 Guest

Animatic Con is happy to announce that Chelsey Cosplay will be joining us for our 2020 event!

Cosplaying since mid 2010, Chelsey has created a wide variety of costumes from Link from the Legend of Zelda- Twilight princess, to Starscream from the Transformers : Generation One.

She enjoys challenging herself to create new builds as well as transforming herself into new characters through her makeup skills; such as Loki, John Marston, Director Krennic, Ahsoka Tano, Cloud Strife, Legolas and many more!

Karielle Cosplay – 2020 Guest

Animatic Con guest announcement, please welcome Kari Lewis of Karielle Cosplay!

Kari Lewis aka Karielle, from Indiana, has been cosplaying for 2 years and is globally known for her Hermione Granger cosplay. She was featured on Buzzfeed, BBC America, TIME magazine (online), MTV, and other sources. Over the past year, she has been a guest cosplayer at a few conventions — including ones in Washington state and Guayaquil, Ecuador!

She also cosplays as Belle, Sabrina Spellman, Cheryl Blossom, Killer Frost, Black Canary, and others. Her Nebula makeup test was even featured on Karen Gillan’s (Nebula, Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers) Instagram prior to Endgame’s release. She’s excited to be a guest at Animatic Con in 2020!


Jill Harris – 2020 VA Guest

Animatic Con welcomes the voice of Noelle Silva from the series Black Clover, Voice Actress Jill Harris, to our 2020 Magical Guest lineup!

Jill Harris is an actress based out of Dallas, TX who specializes in voice over and most commonly stars in video games and animation. She first broke into voice acting in 2012 with her role of Myrth in “Loren the Amazon Princess”.

Since then, she’s had the blessing and honor of working with many talented individuals. You can hear Jill as Noelle Silva in Black Clover, Aura Bella Fiora in Overlord, Mandalay in Boku no Hero Academia, Young Phoenix Wright in Ace Attorney the Tv series, and much more!