Hotel Booking for 2021

Book your hotel room for Animatic Con 2021 and be entered to have your room cost covered for the weekend!

One lucky winner will have their hotel fees paid for by the Convention itself!
To book a room you can contact the hotel directly at 513-752-4400 or use the link below and be sure to use the GROUP CODE associated with which room block you wish to be in!

Group codes are as follows:

  • ACG– This is the standard block where all the noise happens…
  • AQF– This is the quite block, where you can sleep and rest peacefully.

> Hotel Booking Link

2021 Postponed to late Summer

2021 Update from Conchair Brent:

Good evening, I apologize that this post is just now being made but would like to clear everything up for you all.
This week my team and I made the difficult decision to post pone Animatic Con. This decision was not made easily and while I only signed the new contract within the past 48 hours I was awaiting new hotel booking links to provide to everyone at the time of the announcement.
Due to signing this contract the hotel followed process and cancelled all reservations and has acknowledged the event being delayed to those who have inquired about their room or the event. I was hoping to have confirmed everything with the hotel to provide you all with all the details that were needed.

Regardless, what has happen has happen and all I can do is hope that we can begin to prepare for an amazing event this coming July!
Animatic Con 2021 will still happen! Our new dates are July 30th-August 1st, 2021.
You will now be able to book your hotel room and all badge sales have already been rolled over to the new date.

Should you be unable to attend in July, simply send us an email to with your ticket information and we will update your ticket to the following year.

I wish I could have provided this information much sooner to you all but was simply trying to get my ducks in a row to provide you with full details.

I will post the new hotel booking links tomorrow morning at 10am.
Thank you and we appreciate all of your support for our event.

Postponed to 2021

We’ve had to postpone 2020 until next year due to COIVD. Our new dates are March 26th – 28th, 2021. We will be working to do all we can to make our new dates a success.

Please be patient, at this time we cannot firmly answer certain questions. As updates happen we will announce them.

As always, please follow us on social media for the up-to-the-minute news.

Schedule 2020

You’ve all been waiting patiently and here it is – the Official Animatic Con 2020 Program!

We’ll still be making daily announcements on social media with the session descriptions, giving each of our wonderful presenters their own highlight. You can find a listing of session descriptions here on the website!

(Our TableTop programming will be filled in once received. Any changes to the program will be automatically updated when opening the above link.)

Aphhia Yu – 2020 VA Guest

Animatic Con is happy to welcome Apphia Yu as the final guest of Animatic Con 2020!

Apphia Yu, also known as Ayu Sakata, is an American voice actress, director, and producer. You may know her as the Funimation director for Assassination Classroom, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Classroom of the Elite, Shonen Maid, and many more titles.

Micah Solusod – 2020 VA Guest

Animatic Con is very excited to announce that Micah Solusod, the voice of Souleater (Souleater the series), Yuno ( Black Clover), and many other awesome voices is one of our amazing guests this year!

Mikey Mason – Music Guest 2020

Mikey Mason returns to Animatic Con 2020!

We are happy to announce that Mikey Mason will be performing at Animatic Con 2020. Not only will you get a chance to see him sing some great songs such as ” She dont like Firefly” but you will also have the chance to catch one of his hilarious standup routines!


He explodes on the stage with unfathomable
energy, relentlessly pounding away at his
audience with a wit as fast as his mouth, and continues to keep you laughing and singing along the whole time.



Darkstarr – Friday Night DJ 2020

Animatic Con is happy to announce that Darkstarr will be performing at our Friday night dance!

A native of Southern California turned Cincinnati local Darkstarr is a veteran of the rave scene and has been spinning Happy Hardcore since the early 2000s.

He has always had a deep love for Happy Hardcore and what is represents Love, Life, and Happiness. He got his start spinning at underground raves in the Southern California desert, and has played venues both big and small. Over the years he’s also played along-side some of Happy Hardcore ‘s biggest UK producers including Scott Brown, Brisk, and Stormtrooper. After taking a long hiatus Darkstarr is back and better than ever and is ready to get you moving on the dance floor.

Tea Time with Deadpool – 2020 Panel Guest

Good morning all you amazing people… oh this isn’t Animatic Con, noooooooo, this is your good pal Pool, DeadPool!

And I know that the good people over at Animatic, have a lot of special announcements today…but just like my first film, I’m going to leak it now… well maybe just a taste yeah?
See you in March, you beautiful bunch of anime nerds!