2021 Postponed to late Summer

2021 Update from Conchair Brent:

Good evening, I apologize that this post is just now being made but would like to clear everything up for you all.
This week my team and I made the difficult decision to post pone Animatic Con. This decision was not made easily and while I only signed the new contract within the past 48 hours I was awaiting new hotel booking links to provide to everyone at the time of the announcement.
Due to signing this contract the hotel followed process and cancelled all reservations and has acknowledged the event being delayed to those who have inquired about their room or the event. I was hoping to have confirmed everything with the hotel to provide you all with all the details that were needed.

Regardless, what has happen has happen and all I can do is hope that we can begin to prepare for an amazing event this coming July!
Animatic Con 2021 will still happen! Our new dates are July 30th-August 1st, 2021.
You will now be able to book your hotel room and all badge sales have already been rolled over to the new date.

Should you be unable to attend in July, simply send us an email to animaticcon@gmail.com with your ticket information and we will update your ticket to the following year.

I wish I could have provided this information much sooner to you all but was simply trying to get my ducks in a row to provide you with full details.

I will post the new hotel booking links tomorrow morning at 10am.
Thank you and we appreciate all of your support for our event.

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