Oh My Sophii – 2018 Guest

Update Feb 7th, 2018: 

Due to some unforeseen circumstances Oh My Sophii, has informed us she will also not be able to join us this March.

We are happy to welcome back Oh My Sophii to Animatic Con.

Sophii will be one of our awesome Cosplay guests for this coming year.

We are sure you will all love her amazing cosplay.

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FB: Oh My! Sophii
Twitter: @OhMySophii
Instagram: @OhMySophii

Chelsey Cosplay – 2018 Guest

Animatic Con is happy to announce Cosplay Guest Chelsey Cosplay.

Chelsey has been cosplaying since 2010 and has been creating her own costumes since 2012.

Throughout the years she has created several costumes, gained experience through costuming/cosplaying, judged many costume contests, hosted cosplay panels, and has always tried her best to be a positive influence within the cosplay community.

Her goal is to inspire others to embrace their creativity as cosplayers and to have fun doing so.

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Thousand Faces Cosplay – 2018 Guest

Lauren and Ethan have been performing together since they met at the Renaissance Faire.

thousandfacecosplay-logodWith a shared passion for acting and being ridiculous, they place a high emphasis on bringing characters to life.

Sometimes this has meant learning fictional languages, practicing accents, memorizing countless lines from games and movies, and transforming their physiques.

In the end, their goal is to make your experience just a little better, frequently saying ,”If we made you smile, we’ve done our jobs.”

More Info here and at facebook.com/thousandfacecosplay