Animatic Con

A newer convention taking place in Cincinnati, Ohio on weekend of March 24th – March 26th  in 2017, for our second year.

Our Mission

To create a convention that not only welcomes those with disabilities but also does our part to help in removing any limitations one would face due to disabilities, while attending an animation and cosplay convention such as ours.


AnimaticConMascotThe term Animatic refers to a version of a concept that is produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard together and adding a soundtrack to use as a presentation; This happens often in the movie and voice over industry. Much like the television shows we see on television, each one started with a concept. This is our concept.

Animatic Con started in March of 2015 with the idea of delivering to the fandom’s across the states a convention that was not only fun, but would have a higher purpose. After much consideration and discussions we decided that we wanted to help raise funds for children with Autism and we wanted to create a convention that not only welcomed people with limitations but also did what we could to accommodate their needs. We contacted The Make-It-Fit Foundation (Columbus, Ohio) and explained how we wanted to help. They put us in contact with Autism Rocks (Cincinnati, Ohio)and it was agreed that a percentage of profits raised will be split between the two organizations.


Our theme for the 2017 convention has not yet been announced!


We’ll be posting news here on the site but you can also follow us online at: Facebook Facebook and Twitter Twitter.

Galaxy Amethyst – Youth Cosplay Booth Winner 2017

galaxyamethystcosplay_headshotAnimatic Con takes pride in our Community of Cosplayers, and we want to do our part to show our support to you the cosplayers.

We are happy to announce that starting in 2017 we will have a YOUTH Cosplay booth, this booth will be used to help aspire our youth in the community who are passionate about their craft and the art of cosplay.

This year we are proud to announce that our Winner of our 2016 Youth Cosplay Contest, Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay, will be at Animatic Con. She’ll be the first in Animatic Con history to represent the Youth in Cosplay.

Be sure to come by her booth and show her support and encourage our Youth in doing what they love, COSPLAY!

Read more about Galaxy Amethyst Cosplay here

Do you want to be spotlighted as a Youth Cosplayer?

Be sure to attend our Closing Ceremonies at Animatic Con 2017, March 24-26th, in Cincinnati, Ohio to find out how you can apply to be the next spotlighted member of our Community!

Michael “Knightmage” Wilson – 2017 Guest

Cosplayer and Costume Designer

michaelwilson_knightmageHe’s back for year two! Michael “Knightmage” Wilson will be joining us for another year of Animatic Con.

A current 15 year veteran Deputy Sheriff, Michael has been cosplaying since 2012 but the love for the comic and video game genre has been in his heart since he was little as it shows when he creates and puts his costumes on. Having many of his creations praised and displayed on numerous platforms, Michael has judged multiple cosplay contests as well as hosted cosplay panels at many conventions showcasing the positive, inspiring and supportive side of cosplay.

Learn more here!

Thousand Faces Cosplay – 2017 Guest

Lauren and Ethan have been performing together since they met at the Renaissance Faire.

thousandfacecosplay-logodWith a shared passion for acting and being ridiculous, they place a high emphasis on bringing characters to life.

Sometimes this has meant learning fictional languages, practicing accents, memorizing countless lines from games and movies, and transforming their physiques.

In the end, their goal is to make your experience just a little better, frequently saying ,”If we made you smile, we’ve done our jobs.”

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