Closed, Thank You All

Aug 2021 – I can’t begin to explain the level of appreciation I feel when I think of Animatic Con, it’s staff, vendors, all the way down to you, the attendees. I recall wanting to make a difference in the convention scene and put together an event that would not only be something fun to attend, but would serve a higher purpose. I wanted an event that recognized autism was here in this community. Many of the attendees would have an even better time if someone found a way to remove those limitations they may face. So, through my wife, and a fellow friend, we created what would become Animatic Con.

Looking back I would have never imagined you would respond the way you did to our event. You supported our cause, you showed up in numbers, and you played a key part in putting the puzzle together! From your amazing cosplay, to your friendliness, all the way down to just being you! Animatic Con was alive because of the people who care about it the most, all of us. One thing we never expected was a virus that would change the world, Covid-19 showed up and knocked on the worlds door. It changed everything, from shutting down temporarily, to going out of business for many. We all hurt, not just business’ but individuals as well. This community, was no longer able to gather and enjoy what we love.
June 1st, 2021 the governor of Ohio removed all mandates and thus green lighting Animatic Con 2021. We were excited, driven, and ready to bring you the same level of fun we tried to deliver year after year. 2021 took place and you all showed up, we were packed more than we ever could have thought possible during a pandemic. You once again came out to support us, be part of something we all love, and just have an amazing time, even if a pandemic was going on. We did our best to do it safely!

Now the dust settles, and I find myself looking at the future and trying to figure out how Animatic Con fits into the schedule next year, questioning if there is even a chance of a next year, or would we just be postponed again. Through hotel talks, looking at dates, and finding out where other shows are going to fall in 2022, we found ourselves between a rock and a hard place. Honestly there was no real date that allowed Animatic Con to truly happen in 2022. The current situation with the delta variant and covid itself also continued to knock on our door.
As of Friday August 20, 2021 the board of Animatic found itself faced with a question we truly didn’t want to consider. We know what this event means to all of you, it means just as much to us. In my feelings I want to move forward, but as a business sadly I had to look at the deck that was stacked against us. Friday we held a vote that would impact the future of Animatic Con. We will not go into the details of who voted what, but at the end of the day, we each made a tough decision. The majority vote was cast and on that night Animatic Con officially closed its doors.

You all have been amazing, we truly appreciate your support, love, and friendship. I know some of you will wonder if someone else could take over and make it continue, sadly the truth to that is no, because the event would no longer be what is. It would change, the Animatic you know, would just be a part of our past. I would rather us go out on a high note, and know that what we as a group did made a difference even if for just a little while.

I know this news is not what you want to hear, honestly it’s one of the hardest things to have to tell you, I want us all to remember what Animatic Con stood for, and what it did for us. I know some of you are going to be upset, and some may even be angry, I expect it. Please know this decision was not made lightly.

Thank you,

Brent Filipkowski
Animatic Con Chair