Animatic Cosplay Rules and Guidelines

Animatic Cosplay Rules and Guidelines:

  • All cosplay and costumes are welcome to enter the costume contest.
  • Costumes entering for an award must have had 60% of the costume made.
  • Costumes that have previously won an award are not eligible for awards.
  • Bought costumes/closet cosplays are eligible for the Homebrew Award
  • All costumes and cosplayers are welcome to be walk-ons without competing.
  • All cosplayers/costumed people must be at main events at 4:30. This includes walk-ons and competitors.
  • Costumes must be in the bikini and boxer’s rule. If your cosplays covers more than that, you are set!
  • No bright flashing lights (like strobe lights), projectiles, glitter, explosives or special effects allowed on stage.
  • All props must be checked and within the prop guidelines provided by the convention.
  • If you didn’t make your costume but someone at the convention did, they need to be present for judging only.
  • Bring a reference sheet or picture for the judges to judge your cosplay/costume easily and accurately.
  • Judging will begin at main events 4:30 – 5:30. (**6:00 if we run late)
  • A practice run through of the Showcase will happen during the setup.
  • You must have a badge and be an attendee of the convention to participate.

    **Rules can be edited as see fit.

Categories for Awards:

  • Best Novice – Never won an award, new to cosplay, or under 2 years of experience.
  • Best Journeyman – Won at least 1-3 awards, semi new to cosplay, or under 4 years of experience
  • Best Master – Won 3 or more awards, well seasoned (with a hint of rosemary) or over 6 years.
  • Best Construction
  • Best Home brew Costume
  • Best Villain
  • Best In Show – Absolutely the #1 Cosplay that blew all the judges away